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Thank you all for your patience with me while I catch up on orders pals! Im officially caught up to the 23rd so if you’ve been a sweetie anxiously awaiting its finally out and headed your way. Now cross your fingers I stay ontop of things again and don’t fall behind.but seriously thank you babes.

Today is my little sister @sirenbags birthday! Chloe has always been my strength, so much so that I wonder how I survived those 13 months without her on this earth.
She is constantly showing me the light and teaching me lessons I should be teaching her as the elder sister. She gives me power, and fills me up with certain confidences that no other could give. I only wish this is the last birthday I spend away from her. I love you power house! Have a magical day. Presents on the way!

Today 7 years ago I decided to quit my seamstress job at a vintage shop and turn my part time screen printing business into a full time handmade clothing business. In these past years I have experienced all sides to owning your own business and today I look back and wouldn’t of changed a thing. I love and respect where I am in life and look forward to what else comes my way. Thanks to all of you for believing,motivating and just plain pumping me up in general. Couldn’t be doing it without you.

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